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There's no better way to move up into RV ownership than with the Ascend travel trailer from EverGreen.  The Ascend is lightweight and streamlined, and at less than 5,000 pounds, it's easy to tow with the family sedan, minivan or small SUV. It has a modern look and a sense of style to meet your higher expectations - including a high gloss gel coat exterior - with all of the equipment and accessories other lightweight campers leave behind. Best of all, the Ascend is affordably priced, so it's well within the reach of small families or retirees on a budget. 


Ascend – Lightweight towing with all the amenities – Watch the video to learn more

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DuraLite Double Welded Aluminum Structure

Ascend is built with the DuraLite Double Welded Aluminum Structure. It includes six-sided double welded aluminum frame construction in the walls, roof and floors, with header framing around all doors, windows and baggage door openings. This strong durable frame eliminates leaks and flexing, so it's superior to wood construction used in other travel trailers, which can rot when exposed to water.



Special Construction Features

Ascend travel trailers have a one-piece, aerodynamic fiberglass roof that has no seams to maintain and allows the water to flow off the roof top without pooling. An attractive diamond plate rock guard protects the front.  The fresh water tank is placed over the axle to reduce tongue weight and increase towing efficiency while allowing more storage space under the aluminum-framed bed. 




Four times the strength of plywood, ComposiTek inner sidewalls and under-floor panels are far superior to wood.  Composite materials resist moisture, which can lead to rot, mold and mildew that destroy other travel trailers.  Composites also weigh as much 20 percent less, making the coach lighter and easier to tow witht he vehicle you already own. And because ComposiTek replaces plywood elements in the Ascend, less harmful VOCs, such as formaldehyde, allows your family to breathe easier in an EverGreen.








Construction materials are subject to market availability and may change without notice.



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Beach Marble


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