Eco Batt Insulation

Eco-Batt Insulation

NOTE: Eco-Batt insulation is used only in the front cap area of the RV. It is not used as insulation for the entire RV.

Green Benefit – We all know proper insulation saves energy. Eco-Batt takes it to the next level by manufacturing its insulation in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

EverGreen RV features Eco-Batt insulation from Knauf Insulation in areas where batt insulaton is required. It is a sustainable and environmentally responsible insulation that delivers excellent performance.  Eco-Batt combines sand, one of the earth’s most abundant and renewable resources, with a minimum of 35 percent post-consumer recycled glass. This, combined with ECOSE® technology, makes Eco-Batt a very environmentally friendly insulation.

ECOSE® Technology is a revolutionary, more sustainable patented binder technology born from five years of intensive research and development. It is based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials rather than non-renewable petroleum-based chemicals commonly used in traditional fiberglass insulation products.

ECOSE® Technology converts natural, rapidly renewable organic materials into an inert polymer for superior environmental sustainability. And it does not contain phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors used to make traditional fiberglass insulation. This is another reason there is no VOC off-gassing in an EverGreen RV.