EverGreen Testing

Every Ever-Lite RV Undergoes the Most Rigorous Testing in the Industry

There is a simple reason why our EverGreen Ever-LiteTM RV's weigh less, are built with greater integrity and are more durable than lesser brands and backed by a better warranty—we design them better, use better components and inspect what we expect. In fact, the Ever-Lite is one of the most tested travel trailers in the industry. At EverGreen, we don’t do random testing; we test each and every RV.

1. Holding Tanks and water drains are filled with water to the flood stage and checked for leaks.

2. Water Supply Lines are pressurized to achieve 30 psi.

3. Propane Gas supply lines are pressurized to 3 psi and tested for leaks.

4. Electrical System is tested using a Hi-Pot tester and subjects the 110-volt system to 1,080 volts.

5. Electrical polarity
The physical operation of each light switch, outlet, and GFCI outlet is tested.

6. Blower Door Test: All doors and windows are locked; Sealtech equipment draws in air from a vent and pressurizes the inside. Once pressurized, the exterior seams are sprayed with a soapy water mixture to check for leaks. In the residential market this is commonly known as a Blower Door Test.

7. Electrical System (Second Test – Works like a charm)

8. Water supply line and fixtures (Second Test – high and dry)

9. Propane Gas (Second Test- can’t be too careful.)

10. Wheels and Tire Pressure
Improved Clamp Force Technology (ICF) is standard on every EverGreen RV. This technology insures that each wheel joint on an EverGreen RV has the proper clamp load to avoid a separation. ICF is installed and tested. See the innovations section for more details.

Tires are filled with Nitrogen instead of air and inflated to the manufacturers recommended pressure. See the innovations sections to find out why Nitrogen is better for your tires than air.

11. Rain Test:  Each trailer is tested in our “rain booth” by dumping six inches of water on the trailer in 12 minutes. Spray comes at the trailer from all sides to ensure it is watertight. Technicians are inside the vehicle looking for leaks during the test. After the test, the vehicle is inspected for seepage. This test is conducted with the slide-outs in the fully extended and retracted positions.

12. Exterior Lighting
All lights are checked for proper function.

13. Propane Test – Third Test (Obsessive? Nope. Safety First!)
The system is filled with propane and the system checked for leaks.

14. Appliances
All Appliances are turned on and checked for proper operation.

15. Wheels and Tire Pressure (Second Test): We check again to confirm that we have it right.

16. The Weigh In:  Each RV is weighed on a calibrated scale. The weight is recorded and posted inside the passenger side wardrobe door.

17. Waste water Drainage is tested.



So, how many Ever-Lite RV's pass the test? 

Well…all of them. No trailer is shipped until it passes 100% of the tests.