Composites Make Ever-Lite More Durable Yet Lighter.

The all-composite Ever-Lite travel trailer is the original flagship brand of EverGreen. The Ever-Lite, with its groundbreaking composites and exclusive ComposiTek construction, remains the only all-composite travel trailer in the RV industry. Discriminating buyers looking for an ultra-durable, longer lasting investment choose Ever-Lite.

Composites make the Ever-Lite a full 20 percent lighter than conventionally built RVs. This reduced weight factor allows you to take it all with you for an enhanced camping experience. Additionally, Ever-Lite composite materials are impervious to moisture resulting in a camper resistant to rot, mold and mildew.  


Ever-Lite is the original all-composite travel trailer – Watch the video to learn more

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DuraLite Double Welded Aluminum Structure

Ever-Lite travel trailers are built with the DuraLite Double Welded Aluminum Structure. It includes six-sided double-welded aluminum frame construction in the walls, roof and floors with header framing around all doors, windows and baggage door openings. This strong, durable frame eliminates leaks and flexing, and is superior to wood construction used in other travel trailers that can rot when exposed to water.




Four times the strength of plywood, ComposiTek walls, floor and inner roof panels are far superior to competing materials. Composite materials resist moisture, which can lead to rot, mold and mildew that destroy other travel trailers. So your Ever-Lite will give you years of RVing enjoyment. Composites also weigh as much as 20 percent less, making the coach lighter and easier to tow. Because ComposiTek replaces wood in the construction of the Ever-Lite, there are less harmful VOCs such as formaldehyde.


TPO Roofing

Ever-Lite travel trailers are constructed with a bright white mechanically applied vacuum laminated TPO roof membrane. EverGreen's roofing won't bubble or loosen, and the glue is spread evenly to create a smooth surface that is cooler and won't mold or mildew and requires less maintenance than conventional roofs. TPO is superior to rubber roof membranes that can bubble, loosen, mold, mildew or chalk.









Construction materials are subject to market availability and may change without notice.



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