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The Arc of Innovation

Since we introduced the Tesla, we’ve been shocking the toy hauler industry with more of the stuff motorsport enthusiasts demand. This means going that extra mile to include standard equipment found elsewhere only as options. Various value packages, like the High Voltage, Ground Wire and Live Wire, bundle equipment for entertainment, comfort and luxury. 

On the business end, Tesla is as tough as they come. All floorplans have a minimum 12-foot garage. All feature a heavy duty, eight-foot, 3,000-pound capacity ramp door with standard beavertail. Laminated, welded aluminum sidewalls with ATP kick plates in the garage are also standard. Every Tesla has an 18-gallon fuel tank for an optional generator, a 40-gallon tank for toys, and 174-gallon fresh water tank to keep you in remote locations longer.   

Mr. Tesla pioneered and made practical the use of AC electric power. Through his efforts, we are able today to take many of our home conveniences on the road with us in RVs. By the way, EverGreen has no association at all with any other business also honoring Mr. Tesla or otherwise using the Tesla name.   


Only the EverGreen Tesla bridges the gap of durability, luxury and innovation.


TESLA – The Arc of Innovation - Watch the video to learn more

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