ComposiTekTM Construction



ComposiTek™ Construction



Exclusive to EverGreen Ever-Lite™ travel trailers and fifth wheels, ComposiTek™ Construction employs sustainable, eco-friendly, composite materials instead of wood.

This proprietary construction process results in a camper that will last decades longer, retain a higher resale value, is more durable and its materials are completely recyclable. Composites are also more lightweight, which makes EverGreen travel trailers and fifth wheels easier to tow, especially with smaller tow vehicles like mid-sized SUVs.



ComposiTek Defined


ComposiTek is a seamless thermoplastic substrate comprised of polyproprolene resin reinforced with continuous bi-directional fibers.  It resists rot, corrosion, and mildew and is not affected by cleaning related chemicals, road residue, or exposure to the elements.  It provides significant energy absorption over traditional wood, lauan, plywood or OSB substrates.  It exhibits thermal expansion similar to aluminum.  It offers weight reduction of up to 20 percent (20%). The bi-directional natures of the composites provide strength in all directions without seams or weak spots. With ComposiTek Construction the walls, roof and floor of every Ever-Lite RV contains no volatile organic compound off-gassing including formaldehyde.  Click here for a full glossary of EverGreen Eco-definitions.

Stronger and more impact resistant, the composite materials used in ComposiTek construction were tested by an independent laboratory to be three times the strength of wood products.


Vacuum Lamination

floor_lam.jpgComposiTek composites are vacuum laminated onto a structural frame of double-welded aluminum. This vacuum-lamination process creates one-piece, seamless, rigid walls, floors and roof for less flex and sway down the road. ComposiTek construction results in a stronger, stiffer trailer with the durability and weight distribution only found in monocoque aeronautical engineering.

In the vacuum bonding process the entire structure is placed in a giant vacuum bag and  pressurized to approximately 129 pounds per square inch. The wall remains in the bag, under pressure, for 20 to 40 minutes to allow the resins and adhesives to become one piece.  This process uses more advanced technology that is significantly more expensive than conventional pinch rolling, but the result is the finest construction available in the RV industry today.    

Lesser manufacturers claim “laminated” or “bonded” construction, but unless it is  “vacuum bonded” it is probably “pinch-rolled laminated”—an inferior process where the wall goes through two large rollers squeezing the glue as it “pinches” the pieces together. The vacuum process allows for even pressure at a high pounds per square inch rate over a much longer period of time for a superior bonded seal.

sidwal_comptek.jpg sidwal_woodbck.jpg
EverGreen's Compositek™ (one piece)

The competition
Lauan wood fiber backer (pieced together)

Superior Vacuum Laminated Floors

Ever-Lite’s one-piece, laminated composite floor is the lightest and strongest floor in the RV industry. It is framed with 2 inch box aluminum that is double welded together and uses stronger, denser, two-pound block foam insulation. The top and bottom layers are one piece ComposiTek that is three times stronger than the traditional heavy plywood or OSB.  No more soft or rotted floors! ComposiTek will not rot or deteriorate. Water has no effect on ComposiTek.   

The seamless one-piece design of the ComposiTek composite flooring system means there are no squeaky or soft spots.  This new technology has allowed us to eliminate hundreds of pounds of excess weight from the Ever-Lite floor alone.

Seamless, Vacuum Laminated Sidewalls

Ever-Lite sidewalls are the lightest and strongest in the industry. We use heavy gauge aluminum tubing that is double welded--not screwed or stapled together.  Many  manufacturers make sidewalls lighter by eliminating all but the perimeter aluminum studs.  EverGreen constructs aluminum frames as a full cage design with every opening, from the biggest slide-out to the smallest water inlet, framed in aluminum. We use strong 3” aluminum tubes around our slide openings and at other major stress points in the wall.




Wood lauan backers can absorb water causing it to rot, mold, mildew and deteriorate over time. It can also contain harmful VOC's and formaldehyde. 

Ever-Lite sidewalls are constructed with a seamless ComposiTek substrate that is three times stronger than lauan. It will not absorb water, is mold and mildew resistant, will not deteriorate and is VOC and formaldehyde free.




Ever-Lite sidewalls are constructed using a denser, two pound, block foam insulation, compared to less dense foams in competitors’ RV’s. Because EverGreen’s higher density foam is stronger there is less chance of deterioration and it has a higher R-value.    

Ever-Lite sidewalls have a composite insulation factor of R-9.  A Styrofoam coffee cup is only 1/8 inch thick, yet you can hold it full of boiling hot liquid.  Imagine the insulation value of a two inch thick foam core wall!



Roof Construction

Lightweight, Strong, Water Resistant & Green!

This full walk-on roof is vacuum bonded using high density polystyrene foam sandwiched between ComposiTek composite materials. The A/C duct work is actually molded into the foam for the best cold air temperature retention ever achieved! The radius aluminum framed design combined with state-of-the-art vacuum bonding and a ComposiTek shell creates the strongest roof in the industry.

roof_foam.jpg roof_roll.jpg

Energy_Star.jpgEver-Lite is the only curved vacuum bonded roof in the industry. Our top layer is vacuum bonded to the substrate. The top surface is a TPO material that is more durable than rubber and resists black streaks.

Other manufacturers use roof systems made with wood or steel trusses, a heavy wood decking, then a rubber or vinyl membrane glued on top. These roofs are heavy, will absorb water, rot, mold, and mildew and deteriorate over time. In addition, rubber membrane on a conventional 30 foot trailer adds over 80 pounds of weight!



ComposiTek is Waterproof to Resist Rot, Mold or Mildew

ComposiTek Construction means the composite walls, roof and floor of an Ever-Lite camper are impervious to moisture to resist rot, mold, mildew or deteriorate from exposure to water or humidity. That's why Ever-Lite products are covered with a 2-year limited* warranty with a 3 year structural and 12 year roof material warranty.

*Please contact your EverGreen dealer for an applicable copy of the limited warranty



Other Advantages to ComposiTek Construction

Dramatically Lower VOCs to be More Hypoallergenic
--EverGreen composite materials used in the ComposiTek Construction process are healthier for your family because they are virtually free from off-gassing of VOCs inherent with plywood products. Because ComposiTek will not absorb humidity or condensation, composite materials inhibit the growth of mold spores and mildew that aggravate allergies for campers of all ages.

Lightweight, Fully Equipped and More Fuel Efficient
--EverGreen does not reduce weight by cutting appliances and skimping on amenities. At EverGreen we simply engineer a lighter coach with ComposiTek construction. Loaded up with standard features, an EverGreen weighs at least 20 percent less, to be 1,000 to 1,200 pounds lighter than major competitors. This makes EverGreen travel trailers and fifth wheels lightweight and easy to tow.

ComposiTek Construction Composites are more Eco-Friendly-The exclusive ComposiTek construction process eliminates the use of lauan and wood substrates in the floors, walls and roof. EverGreen eliminates over 50 sheets of tropical hardwood lauan with every trailer! Using the latest in lightweight composites to replace wood reduces weight for improved fuel economy. ComposiTek materials are made in the U.S.A.