Canadian RV

To our Canadian Friends:

canadaflag.jpgPlease know that the Canadian manufacturing standards for travel trailers and fifth wheels are different than the standards for the United States. Certain Canadian jurisdictions require units be built to CSA Z-240 specifications and will have a CSA or QAI seal. Units built for the United States are built to NFPA 1192 specifications and have an RVIA seal. EverGreen RV builds to both standards. The costs associated with the Canadian builds are slightly more than US builds.


EverGreen RV strictly adheres to a policy of building Canadian Standards (either CSA or QAI) exclusively for export to our Canadian dealers. EverGreen RV will not manufacture or deliver a Canadian unit to a dealer in the United States. If you purchase an RV in the United States to export into Canada, please be aware of additional taxes, fees and inspections that may be required to cross the U.S. / Canadian border. Please contact your local Canadian dealers for details as they are experts in these matters.

Thank you for your interest in an EverGreen RV, eh!